Image-Screens...your window into the world of movies.


...your window into the world of movies.


  • ... your window into the world of movies.

    We think, that home-theatre frame screens are much more than just an ordinary projection area - it's like a portal to enjoy your favorite movies like they were real.

    If you think so, too - you surely will love Image-Screens, because our products are built to meet highest quality standards as well as they deliver a perfect home-theatre experience.

    • state-of-the-art picture quality: 4K+ ready, HDR & Laser compatible
    • state-of-the-art sound quality: at fabrics used by Hollywood itself
    • high-tech masking options for perfect picture alignment
    • Cross-Tension-System v2.0 to allow superior fabric installation
    • custom-made in Germany, specifically for your home-theatre

Image-Screens is one of Germany's most respected and traditional screen manufacturers. We have a world-wide distribution network, and we also offer custom-built screens for authorities and commercial installations. In contrary to the former CEO of Image Screens, we (takeoff media) decided to concentrate ourselfes on fixed/maskable frame screens, so we don't waste our ressources on things like motorized screens, projectors etc, to ensure best possible products.