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...your window into the world of movies.

FAQ Image-Screens

  • To give you some easy-to-get information regarding Image Screens and our company, we have set this FAQ section up, where you can find many common questions and their appropriate answers.

    • What happened to the "old" Image-Screens company ?
      After an accident, their former CED had, Image-Screens had to stop their business, because there was no one else to take care of the daily Business in terms of production, selling, supporting and paying bills ;-)
    • What about Takeoff Media and their CEO Lars Mette where are they from ?
      Well, we are a German company with a similar company-Tradition than Image-Screens had. In the past 10 years we where mainly writing articles for major German home-theatre magazines, before our CEO (Lars Mette) decided to use our know-how for our very own magazine, as well as for our custom-install home theatres. In both business areas, we had a business-cooperation with Image-Screens, so we become very familiar with the products.
  • Why did a quite small company like yours got the takeover, rather than a bigger one ?
    As you can imagine, there were a lot of other bidders for Image-Screens. But since many of the other guys mainly just wanted some parts of the company, we were the only one, willing to continue business with the former staff at the former location.  From our side, the takeover is a very good deal, because we are able to get a world famous brand while enforcing our existing business Areas in terms of synergy.

  • Why are you focussing on frame screens only ?
    To speak frankly: when you want to be the best in any section, it is more easy to concentrate on one specific market, rather than doing research and production on many different things. 

  • Where can I get a fabric sample ?
    We dont think, a small frazzle is appropriate to evaluate the Vision and sound quality od our Screens. We want future costumers to get an experience at their local Dealers with livesize frames. In Germany we have built up a huge showroom with every screen and fabric offered, so any customer is welcome to get his own Image-Screen experience.

  • Tell me about the technical differences between the old and new Image-Screens.
    First of all: every Image-Screen ever built is a good product. But from the first day when we took over the company, our requirement is to raise the quality even higher, so we improved many things, like the fabric-retentions, the motors, the electronics, the masking-mechanics and so on. You can easily differ the new Version, as the new models have the ²-indicator in their product name.

  • What type of defects liability will you support your screens with ?
    Bacause of the very high quality level, wo equip every single Image-Screen with a 5 years warranty. This warranty includes mechanics, electrics and the fabrics. It will be hard to find anyone else, able to offer this kind of extensive warranty ;-)

  • What about the international prices and their competitiveness ?
    We pay a lot attention to ensure a high-efficient production, based on highly trained technicians. In addition to a precisely driven production and a small administration we have a huge cooperation with many logistic-partners. That is, why we are able to extremely reduce transportation costs to any part of the world, so your money goes directly to your Image-Screen :-)