Image-Screens...your window into the world of movies.


...your window into the world of movies.
  • iMasque³ reference

    2-way maskable frame screen with superior silent-drive motors and every technology we offer, to deliver home-theatre at state-of-the-art level (click at picture for more information)

  • iMasque classic

    2-way maskable frame screen with standard motors, which allows convenient RF Control, our cross tension system and many more. (click at picture for more information)

  • iMasque studio

    Very durable built frame screen with high rigid 205mm frame and 4 way masking with extended masking range for perfect reliability and flexibilty for directors and engineers (click at picture for more information).

  • iMasque inWall

    inWall Version of our 205mm frame-based iMasque. Available in 2 or 4way masked version, with standard motors and full RF control. (click at picture for more information)

  • cadre³ reference

    Within the nonmaskable frame screen serien "cadre", this is our reference model. The cadre³ reference is based on a 127mm frame and comes with the stud free cross-tension-system v2.0 any mony more interesting details.

  • cadre inWall

    The cadre inWall is a nonmaskable frame screen, made for high-end intgegrations, where customers want a perfect image with seeing frames.

  • cadre simulation

    Extremely curved screen, custom made in terms of almost everything to meet your customer's demanding perfectly. Great for high-end gaming and commercial simulation when using edge-blending setups.

  • cadre² light

    This our entry-level fixed frame screen with a slim 55mm frame, finish with our maximum-black technology. Although this frame is quite cheap, it can be equipped with all of our amazing fabrics, so you get a lot of picture quality for your money.