Image-Screens...your window into the world of movies.


...your window into the world of movies.

Image-Screens cadre² light

  • high-quality picture for few money

    Cadre² light defines our entry-level while benefiting from the techniques of our higher positionated screen series.

    This screen is the perfect choice for users who don't want or need any masking system. If you're looking for a no-compromise high-quality fabric, built within a serious frame - this is your Screen ;-) 

    Compared to other products, cadre² lights distinguishes itself with the individually sized frame, its easy construction and the given long period quality. For that reasons, cadre² light gains a remarkable price-/performance ratio.

    To fit creative integrations, you can also get cadre² light as In-Wall Version with a complete covered front surface without a visible frame. You can even get cadre² light curved!

prepared for future's needs

With your own cadre² light you will look forward to years of sheer movie enjoyment, since your Image screen will be a reliable mate for decades in terms within your home-cinema installation.

Every single fabric we are offering is 4K+ and 3D capable without any compromise. The colorimetry does not only match every actual home-cinema related specifications (like BT.709) it is also compatible to the extended color range. The fabric tension system ensure a long term perfect flat screen surface.

To ensure your dealer will install your cadre² light properly, we will provide your screen with a detailed video-tutorial, showing a step by step construction procedure. Additionally you will get a five-year warranty!

  • technical details

    • fixed frame screen without masking
    • custom-built in exactly your size up to 7.65 Yards (7 meter)
    • available in both 16:9 und 2,40:1 ratio
    • unobtrusive 2.16 inch (55mm) frame
    • frame in aluminum matt black
    • optional: "maximum-black" - black velvet coating
    • optional: curved-Version
    • optional: In-Wall Version