Image-Screens...your window into the world of movies.


...your window into the world of movies.

Image-Screens iMasque³ reference

  • our statement in terms of quality

    In case you only want the best for your home Cinema experience, you will get thrilled by our iMasque3 reference: peppered with high-tech in nearly every detail, you will get a top-of-the-notch product!

    The frame with its 5 inches body delivers an outstanding rigidity, the complete case is coated with our "maximum-black" technology, based on black velvet particles with outstanding light absorption.

    Looking further into the iMasque3 reference is a real enjoyment:
    full capsuled mechanics, an electrical masking system based on rails with easy-sliding waggons which are driven by almost unhearable silent motores, are making every movie-session to an unique experience.

    To make sure your favorite movies are being presented with the best possible pleasure, we offer a huge variety of upgrade options, like RGB Color Upgrades or individually curved versions,.

prepared for future's needs

With your own iMasque3 reference, you will look forward to years of sheer movie enjoyment, since your Image-Screen will be a reliable mate for decades in Terms within your home-cinema installation.

Every single fabric we are offering is 4K+ and 3D capable without any compromise. The colorimetry does not only match every actual home-cinema related specifications (like BT.709) it is also compatible to the extended color range. The fabric tension system ensure a long term perfect flat screen surface.

To ensure your dealer will install your iMasque3 reference properly, we will provide your screen with a detailed video-tutorial,
showing a step by step construction procedure.

  • technical details

    • electric 2-way masking (vertical or horizontal)
    • high-rigid 5 inch (127mm) frame
    • custom-built in exactly your size up to 7.65 Yards (7 meter)
    • "Silent-Drive" Motor
    • available in both 16:9 and 2,40:1 ratio
    • frame: "maximum-black" - black velvet coating
    • "Linear-Glide" rail-based masking-system
    • new: including comfort remote
    • new: "Cross-Tension" system for perfect fabric surface
    • optional: curved-versions