Image-Screens...your window into the world of movies.


...your window into the world of movies.

iMasque inWall

  • High-End picture quality to incorporate

    Aside our beautiful looking maximum-black finished frames, some styles of interieor desigs may need a more decent integration.

    If your customer wants this in addition to a perfect quality, including a 2- or 4way masking, Image-Screens iMasque inWall should be your choice.


    Based on our 205mm high rigid aluminim basic frame, this screen conjoints high-grade mechanics with all the possibilitied of an inWall isntallation.

    For perfect service accesibilty all major components can be accessed fram ahead, thus we took care to place the fabric and the masking layers very close to the very front end to minimize gaps between the screen and the wall.