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NIVO silver

  • bright prospects

    NIVO silver is the perfect fabric for applications which are demanding maximum brightness/light reproduction, like outdoor or presentation screens for example.

    Thanks to the addition of a silver alloy, this fabrics offers a gain of 2.4 while keeping an excellent color neutrality. Besides that, this high gain fabric also delivers a very wide ranged perspective, compared to similar products.

    Also the Blinker-effect"is rather low for this specific concept which results in a superior picture naturalness.

    The NIVO silver also is recommendable for bright living rooms or for the use of commercial 3D applications.

  • technical details

    Please consider our screen-guide in our purchasing advice category, which helps you to find the best fitting screen for you by comparing all our fabrics within a clearly arranged sheet.

    • not acoustic-transparent
    • for Front/upprojection
    • material: PVC - Strength 0,28mm incl. silver backcoating
    • frontconstitution: silver face with highfine structure
    • gain factor: 2,4 - very high brilliancy
    • perspective: 140 degree  middle projection range
    • maximum possible seamless screen size: 446cm (21:9) or 335cm (16:9)

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